Premium, Organic Soil Building Product in California

Let ABC Organics help enhance the quality of your soil with our carefully crafted organic fertilizer. Soil Pro is the perfect solution to improve crop production, ensure healthier plant growth, and promote a sustainable approach to soil building in California. We take pride in providing all-natural products that benefit farmers, gardeners, and environmental businesses alike.

At ABC Organics, we are dedicated to creating quality fertilizers that are high in phosphorus for agriculture. It is a vital nutrient for plants, allowing them to thrive and yield healthy produce. With Soil Pro, you can rest assured that your flowers and crops will receive the right amount of phosphorus for optimal growth and development.

About Soil Pro

Soil Pro is a natural, organic fertilizer that reduces residual plant matter in soil humus. You’ll see increased productivity in breaking down organic, residual plant matter through the activity of saprophytic microbes, a key part of our Soil Pro formula.

How Does Soil Pro Work?

Soil Pro is formulated to support the shift from plant structure to the fruiting body, which can result in larger and more bountiful crops. It has been proven to induce systemic resistance to insects and fungi in plants with chitinase pathways. Additionally, Soil Pro eliminates residual plant matter to reduce pathogenic bacteria and fungi loads year after year.

Product Field Trial Highlights

At ABC Organics, we stand by the quality and effectiveness of our product. Our field trials have shown impressive results and significant improvements in crop yields, tree mortality rates, and disease prevention.
- Over 50% Increase in Average Lemon Production in the First Year and 140% in the Second Year
- 80% Decrease in Lemon Tree Mortality
- Significantly Curbed Effects from Citrus Greening Disease

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Revitalize your farm or garden with ABC Organics. Contact us today to learn about Soil Pro and how it can benefit your farm or garden. Our team is available to answer any questions and help you find the best products for your specific needs.