Organic Fertilizer Products in California

Turn to ABC Organics for organic, high-quality fertilizer products in California. Our gardening products are all locally made and completely built from natural raw materials of plant or animal origin—great for improving the soil's health, condition, and fertility. At ABC Organics, we put life back into the soil by farming live micros.

Why Choose ABC Organics' Products

ABC Organics has been in business for over 26 years, and we have constantly provided highly effective products that encourage soil health and plant development. Our soil conditioning products reinforce plants with powerful nutrition.

So, contact us today to purchase our products. We'll help you pick the right items for your specific needs. We also have organic products that help divert pests and grower management services.

Learn More About Our Products 

Get our flagship product, Grow Pro, to boost your plants' vigorous growth.  

Our Flower Pro is an organic fertilizer with essential ingredients to encourage and induce flowering.

Paleo Pro is great for enhancing the nutritional value of your food crops because it can restore mineral reserves in the soil.

Soil Pro enhances your soil's quality because we meticulously designed it to reduce residual plant matter in soil humus.

Support your plant's vigorous development with our Root Pro—carefully formulated to encourage consistent, even germination with micronutrients essential for supporting nitrogen-fixing microbes.

Get our paramagnetic, sprayable rock dust for your farm soil. This excellent product mixes and stays suspended in agitated tanks. It is also 25 times more paramagnetic than other products.