Increase Plant Establishment with Root Pro

Root Pro’s primary function is to increase plant establishment and to support vigorous root development. This product is carefully formulated to also encourage consistent, even germination with micronutrients that are essential for supporting nitrogen-fixing microbes. This results in probiotic activity that corrects micronutrient deficiencies and balances soil productivity.

When combined with Grow Pro, this tantalizing mixture boosts the efficacy of your crop yield even more!

Product Field Trial Highlights:
- 93% increase in plant proteins in tomatoes (Grow Pro alone increased this group by 20%, the introduction of Root Pro boosted the results to 113%!)
- 15% increase in tomato yield (30% increase with Grow Pro alone, and 45% with the introduction of Root Pro)
- Additional 52% increase in plant sugars in green beans
- Additional 21% increase in vitamin C in cabbage
- Additional 40% reduction in nitrate toxicity in tomatoes

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Root Pro