ABC Organics was founded in California in 1996 by John T. Agulia (1955–2006), an applied environmental researcher and descendant of Italian immigrants. After witnessing increased disease rates in the field and grasping the broader picture, John resolved to find a more natural approach to agronomy: rather than fight against nature, he wanted to assist natural processes by feeding organisms in such a way as to reinforce natural symbiosis between plant and soil, and to strengthen the plant’s immune system to ward off potential pathogens.

This concern for people and the environment had inspired in John as early as 1986 a lifelong focus on independent research to identify swift, effective, and practical solutions to a growing set of interrelated environmental problems that impacted the region and beyond. These included widespread soil degradation, health and collateral impacts from agricultural pollutants, deforestation and desertification, and increased salinity that worsened the loss of farmland.

John worked with local farmers to create a fertilizer regime for each crop, running trials throughout the region, and keeping track of soil, chemistry, and crops in a wide array of available soil types. This applied research led him to form meaningful professional relationships with local farmers and academic scientists alike. The results were outstanding. His pioneering accomplishments, which helped regional farmers, were well-respected, gained award-recognition, and attracted regional press interest.* This body of work resulted in volumes of notes, discoveries, and trade secret formulas that today form the foundation and success of ABC Organics.

Since 2006, ABC Organics itself has become a blossoming enterprise, dedicated to spreading organic, sustainable agriculture, true to its founder’s spirit and vision. Its steady growth is a testimony to years of ongoing hard work and an astute capacity to harvest interdisciplinary and award-winning knowledge into viable solutions to serious issues that are conducive to a healthy and sustainable future for all.

Our clients span across the US, with burgeoning interests from regions beyond. At this crux in its 20-year history with over 30 years of proven research behind it, ABC Organics is in the process of expanding its production internationally, exploring global business and environmental partnerships that value sustainable solutions.