Reduce Salinity with Grow Pro

Our flagship product, Grow Pro has everything you need to get your plants growing happy and healthy! With soil conditioning properties, Grow Pro fosters vigorous plant development. Grow Pro aids in reducing salinity in active root zones for maximum potential yield. When tackling the stressful conditions of low moisture and high salinity, Grow Pro offers a safe and effective solution! It immediately reduces compaction in the soil, letting plants take full advantage of the applied nutrients. In addition, Grow Pro includes a wide range of beneficial microorganisms that regulate the solubility of ionic nutrients!

Our Grow Pro formula boasts over 15 Trillion total organisms per mL!

When working in tandem with our Root Pro formula, your crops will see even greater enrichment and improvement overall!

Product Field Trial Highlights:
- 84% increase in field coverage of raspberries
- 111% increase in plant proteins in both cabbage and gourds, along with an 84% reduction in toxic nitrates in cabbage fields
- 70% reduction in soil compaction in wheat fields, with 31% increase in yield and 36% (over 4 years) increase in germination rates

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Grow Pro