Grow Pro Enriches Farming Soil in California

Ensure your plants grow strong and healthy with ABC Organics’ flagship product, Grow Pro. California farmers choose Grow Pro over other fertilizer products because it has unique soil-conditioning properties that foster vigorous plant development. It also aids in reducing the salinity of active root zones to help maximize your crops’ potential yield. 

Conditions such as low moisture and high salinity can severely compromise the quality of your farming soil. With Grow Pro, you have a safe and effective solution to these problems. Our innovative product immediately reduces soil compaction, allowing your plants to take full advantage of the applied nutrients. 

In addition, Grow Pro has over 15 trillion beneficial microorganisms per milliliter that regulate the solubility of ionic nutrients. We highly recommend using it with our Root Pro formula to further improve the overall health of your precious crops. 

Product Highlights

ABC Organics conducted extensive field trials using Grow Pro, and here are some of the impressive results we gathered: 
- 84% increase in the field coverage of raspberries 
- 111% increase in the plant proteins of cabbages and gourds, as well as an 84% reduction in toxic nitrates in cabbage fields 
- 70% reduction in soil compaction in wheat fields, a 31% increase in their yield, and a 36% increase in their germination rates over four years 

Contact us today to learn more about Grow Pro and our other quality products, including Soil Pro, Flower Pro, and Paleo Pro. 

Grow Pro