Our aim is simple. We provide you with the means to transform your water into a more efficient resource. RainmakerH2O inceases the ability hydrate plant and animal tissues, penetrate soils and conserve.

How it Works
Usage of the Rainmaker energetically activates water molecules, enhancing its physical processes and therefore benefiting cellular life structures. Organic agricultural practices promote ideal soil conditions, while conventional farming methods threaten to completely deplete our soils worldwide, which will only worsen nutrition as time goes on. The continued destruction of our soils will ultimately lead to the demise of the entire food system.

Some soils, known as hydrophobic soils, are difficult to wet because they repel water. The infiltration of water into these soils can often be improved by applying a RainmakerH2O to reduce the surface tension of water, allowing it to penetrate and wet the soil more easily.

Reduced Water Consumption
Economies of scale haven’t always translated well in agriculture. Costs have often risen faster than revenue. Yet after installing RainmakerH2O units our farming customers are seeing crops growing faster, major increases in nutrient value, and a reduction in water consumption as high as 50%.

One remarkable effect of the RainmakerH2O process is the substantial reduction in wateruse. This is not suggested, but mandatory, otherwise there is a risk of over-watering. Smaller water cluster sizes and lower surface tension means substantially higher concentrations of nutrients soluble in the water, and easier/faster cellular uptake.

The Rainmaker H2O, a new and better way to live by returning health back to water and life back to food. All at reduced cost.

Farmers and ranchers have long known of the positive effects of rainwater on their fields. RainmakerH2O mimics one of nature’s greatest miracles of natural cleansing and regeneration. We have created the same revitalizing effect the earth’s atmosphere has on rainwater. When it rains, some of the molecules of water (H2O) are changed into natural peroxide (H2O2), hydronium (H3O) and ozone (O3). Peroxide is water with an extra oxygen atom attached to it. Hydronium is water that has an extra hydrogen atom attached to it and ozone is an oxygen molecule with an extra oxygen atom attached to it.

Water is the very substance of life and oxygen is its breath. Oxygen-rich, life-giving rainwater is loaded with ozone and natural peroxide that are both found in the chlorophyll of the plants you eat. Water in this form oxygenates and revitalizes your plants as well as your body.

Human impact on the soil has increased across the globe. In the course of trying to provide a favorable environment for life, people everywhere have manipulated nature resulting instead in serious damage to the entire ecosystem. RainmakerH2O helps to reverse these negative effects by providing more available life-enhancing water and nutrients for your plants which results in far higher nutrient density and much greater crop yields.

Natural Principals
RainmakerH2O follows principles and laws first observed and confirmed by Austrian naturalist, Viktor Schauberger, who presented the revolutionary and now well-accepted idea that just like a succulent fruit, water has its own “season” or state of “ripeness”. Water that is not “ripe” is devoid of energy. Instead of giving energy, it takes.

The major drawback with using devitalized water is that no matter how much is used, it  will still always produce low quality crops. Regardless of the water source or quality, RainmakerH2O will restore water’s life-giving qualities resulting in greater increases in crop yield and more profit for you.

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