Ag Products

Grow Pro – For vigorous plant development and soil conditioning. Grow Pro reduces salinity in active root zones allowing for maximum potential yield. Therefore, reduces plant stress when moisture is low and salinity is high. Also, immediately reduces compaction in the soil allowing plants to take full advantage of nutrients applied. Complete with a wide range of beneficial micro-organisms regulate the solubility of ionic nutrients.

Flower Pro – Provides the plant with tremendous energy required at the bloom/reproductive stage. Flower Pro encourages and induces flowering which increases total flower set. Provides micro-organisms for releasing nutrients essential to flowering. Discourages pathogens on leaves and fruit.

Paleo Bloom – Is a highly Paramagnetic – Potassium, Phosphorus, Cal-Mag, Silica, Trace element/micro-nutrient biological package. It is designed with one goal in mind. To provide a cost effective way for farmers to rebuild mineral reserves of their soils and thus the nutritional value of their food. Every material used in its production either meets or exceeds NOP standards.

Soil Pro Reduces residual plant matter to soil humus through activity of saprophytic microbes.

Root Pro – This product is carefully formulated to increase plant establishment and support vigorous root development. Root Pro also encourages even germination through micro nutrients essential for nitrogen fixing microbes. Resulting in pro-biotic activity that corrects micro nutrient deficiencies.