A dramatic boost in soil fertility!

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A dramatic boost in soil fertility!

PaleoBloom in a highly Paramagnetic – Potassium, Phosphorus, Cal-Mag, Silica, Trace element/micro-nutrient biological package. It was designed with one goal in mind. To provide a cost effective way for farmers to rebuild the mineral reserves of their soils and thus, the nutritional value of their food. Every material used in its production either meets or exceeds NOP standards.

PaleoBloom – Supports high nutrient density in plant tissues. Results found in Raspberries located in Camarillo California.

Juan Casillias, a local grower, conducted a test of our product PaleoBloom in Camarillo California. The raspberries planted were showing signs of anemic yellowing leaves and non productive growth.  ABC ORGANIC’S product PaleoBloom was applied to a 5 acre test plot. Rapid recovery was obvious after 2 weeks..

Additional Changes

  • New growth stock thickened by .25 inches.
  • Canes shoot up 3 feet in length within 2 weeks.
  • Anemic yellow foliage was replaced with deep healthy green.
  • 50% increase in flower sites.
  • Fruit size increase 25%.

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