New Product PaleoBloom delivers!

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New Product PaleoBloom delivers!

Going organic? ABC Organics is helping farmers transition to organic biological technology. Our highly concentrated fertilizers and additives are commercial grade for maximum potency. A must for biological farmers and those transitioning to organic.

Jersey Blueberry farmer in Oregon reported these results.

His yield showed significant increased growth of the entire plant, in addition to a 25% increase in production.

Greater juice stock, from 2-3%, now 5-8%. Increased berry size. Less shrivel.

Even ripening reduced the amount of green (waste) berries picked from 3% to 5%. This is considered a 100% pick in their yield.

This result weathered 2 major heatwaves, upward of 102 degrees.

No Pesticides! There was no need to spray for the spotted wing drosophila (SWD) is a new invasive fruit fly that attacks blueberries and other fruit crops. This insect now occurs on most fruit-producing areas in the US, and is likely to affect both commercial and home plantings.

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